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Why Smart Workforce is Necessary?

Given below are the findings of surveys conducted by credibleorganizations indicating the importance of automatedworkforce management in 2021:

Data-driven Insights

Data-driven insights like GPS tracking increase staff accountability by 82% and help organizations make informed decisions.

Changing Workplace Trends

Workplace trends are changing globally as 47% of the company leaders considered remote work critical in a recent Garter survey.

Diverse Workplaces

According to Pew Research, the current workforce is 60% more diverse and requires WFM solutions for growth and productivity.

Benefits of Automated WFM Solutions

Worldwide organizations that have implemented automated WFM solutions to meet their diverse workforce needs have reported the following benefits:




Reduction in operational costs per year.


Improved Productivity



Increase in baseline productivity levels

Source: Wall Street Journal

Increased Retention



Decline in employee turnover rates

Source: Stanford University

Smart Workforce: A Comprehensive Automated WFM Solution

Smart Workforce is not just an ordinary workforce management software, it is a comprehensive solution that gives employers complete control over their staff and helps them effectively utilize their resources to achieve their desired objectives. Check out some of the exclusive features offered by Smart Workforce.

BS7858 Automated Staff Vetting

Hire qualified professionals with the right skills faster by automated staff vetting that includes criminality checks, employment history, and ID verification according to the BS7858 standard.

Automated Check Calls Management

Automated check calls management allows lone onsite workers to make a series of calls to the system at scheduled intervals and sends them remainder notifications to ensure their safety.

Patrolling Management

Track your employees’ performance analytics by creating routes, using GPS tracking at various checkpoints, and asking your workers to scan QR codes at scheduled intervals.

Scheduling & Reporting 

Automate your employees’ scheduling and attendance, track their attendance, simplify payroll calculations, and report leaves and absences. 

Clock In/ Clock Out

Track your employees’ hours and export timesheets with our powerful scheduling feature and calculate labour costs in real-time


Create and export timesheets effortlessly to your payroll to optimize staff utilization and increase your profitability. 

Build an Ideal Workplace

Our integrative, centralized, and adaptive cloud-based solution offers the following benefits: 

Increase Productivity

Evaluating employees’ performance encourages teamwork and increases productivity at workplace 

Make a Happier Workforce

Giving regular feedback and praising outperformers makes them happy and increases employees’ satisfaction. 

Eliminate Errors

Reduce error rates and eliminate unnecessary expenses by automating manual tasks and communicating seamlessly 

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