Smart Patrolling Management Software for Improved Efficiency & Performance

Satisfy your security requirements and monitor the performance of lone onsite workers remotely with QR Code and GPS enabled security guard patrol monitoring system.

Take Patrolling Management to the Next Level

Feature-rich and comprehensive guard tour patrol security system for effective patrolling management


Eliminate the paperwork with an easy onboarding process. Just fill in a few details and get oriented with the technology.

Patrolling History

Get detailed insights into security checkpoints scanned and missed and analyze all patrolling details to boost future security operations.

QR Code Scanning

Scan QR codes of respective checkpoints and send complete information about locations and scan timings to admin in real-time.


Login from any mobile device to verify identity and get complete access to the user-defined features.

Create QR Codes

Generate QR codes with unique IDs to be used as respective checkpoints at the premises by on-duty security guards.

Security Guards Management

Consistently monitor security guards’ patrolling and evaluate onsite performance with digital technology.


Maintain a seamless flow of live data via admin panel and manage all patrolling operations in real-time for effective protection.

Activate Checkpoints

Activate each checkpoint with its unique QR code ID to monitor the exact location and patrol timings of security guards.

One Point Solution for Enhanced Productivity

Smart Workforce is a comprehensive security guard patrol tracking system to manage workforces and monitor the performance of lone workers remotely. Loaded with advanced features, the software is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses across diverse regions and sectors.
Here’s what makes Smart Workforce superior and reliable guard patrol management system:

User-friendly software with easy-to-understand features.

Gain access to exclusive features at an unbeatable cost of just $2/user per month.

A fully scalable solution that can be augmented as per your future patrolling needs.

Cross-platform software accessible through multiple devices & operating systems.

Automated performance evaluation for higher productivity.

Benefits of Smart Workforce

Smart Workforce improves accountability, post-site visibility, security guards’ performance, efficiency, and profitability.

Client Satisfaction

Patrolling management with Smart

Workforce improves security

guards’ performance that

enhances client satisfaction.

Streamline Operations

Streamline your security

operations by maintaining a

seamless flow of communication for

optimized performance.

Increase Accountability

Patrolling management through QR-

code scanning increases

accountability and helps you make

informed decisions.


Save your precious time and

resources by automating security

guard patrolling management

with our all-inclusive solution.

Have any questions? Get in touch with us for all your product-related queries or information and automate your HR operations today with Smart Workforce.