Enhance Your Team’s Workplace Experience with Powerful Scheduling and Reporting Software

A fully-automated scheduling and reporting solution that helps you keep your staff informed and engaged by creating shifts, tracking billable hours, and generating detailed reports – all in one place.

Advanced Features at an Affordable Price

Smart Workforce is powered with advanced scheduling and reporting features that help you increase your profitability while keeping your expenses in control.

Labor Costing

Flexible Scheduling

Staff Empowerment

Shift Management

Break Planning

Remote Working

Patrolling Management

Labor Costing

Patrolling Management

Break Planning

Automate Scheduling For Enhanced Productivity

Smart Workforce allows you to create employees’ schedules and generate reports automatically to boost productivity and enhance their workplace experiences.

Quickly ramp operations and optimize your employees’ workplace experiences

Streamline communication with flexible scheduling practices

Reduce absenteeism by creating schedules in advance

Keep your employees up-to-date in real-time by sharing detailed reports

Allow your staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance by publishing fair and predictive schedules as per your organizational needs and forecasted labour demand

Create a Happier Workforce

Make your organization more resilient, compliant, and efficient by optimizing your employees’ workplace experiences and creating a happier workforce.

Manage Fatigue & Overtime

Avoid workplace fatigue and unnecessary overtime by limiting scheduled hours for upcoming shifts on a weekly or monthly basis.

Maintain Healthy Work-Life Balance

Allow your employees to set their shift availability, request shifts and time off, and accept or deny shifts assigned by the managers.

Reduce Labor Expenses

Stay on budget by accurately calculating billable hours and integrating Smart Workforce with different payroll solutions.

Amplify Corporate Growth

Select the right person for the right job and evaluate your employees’ performance against each shift to boost your corporate growth.