Record, Track, and Report Incidents with Fully Customizable Incident Management Software 

Optimize Your Team Performance and effectively manage the full lifecycle of your incidents with accurate and up-to-date data. 

Incident Management

Streamline Your Operations While Ensuring Workers’ Safety 

Capture, track, and manage all sorts of incidents and take corrective actions for workplace safety. 

Our user-friendly incident reporting software offers the following features: 

Enhanced Visibility of Incident Reports

Fast & Consistent Incident Reporting

Cross-platform Functionality

Customizable Workflows

Quick Alerts & Notifications

incident reporting
incident reporting

Why Incident Reporting is Essential? 

Collecting accurate data regarding incidents, nearmisses, and accidents is essential to create a safe work environment. Up-to-date real-time metrics help managers review incidents, identify the root causes, and take corrective or preventive actions to optimize their safety performance. 

How it works?

Onsite Worker Reports an Incident via Mobile App 

Whenever an incident occurs, the onsite worker uses the mobile app to report the incident date and time, type, service area, and upload attachments. The user can also add information about the police report and at least two witnesses. 


The Manager Reviews and Makes Necessary Changes 

Once the worker has reported an incident, the manager reviews the incident details via the admin dashboard, checks the information submitted, and makes the necessary changes if required.


Manager Leaves Remarks and Recommends Action 

In the last stage, the manager talks to the police and witnesses, collects their feedback about the possible causes of the incident, and finally recommends the course of action to ensure workers’ safety in the future. 


Benefits of Incident Reporting

Incident reporting drives a culture of continuous improvement and spreads awareness about proactive hazard identification and risk reduction​. 

Identify the Root Cause

Incident reporting allows managers to find the root cause of incidents, enlist key factors involved, and suggest corrective actions to prevent similar incidents in the future. 

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Improve Team Efficiency

Gain detailed insights into company-wide potential threats to identify issues, make informed decisions, and improve your team‘s efficiency.  

Expand Your Business Impact

Report incidents, link them to risk indicators, and track your security investments to expand your business impact and create a safe workplace. 

Turn your workplace incidents into actionable insights! 

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