An Accurate and User-friendly Software to Get Actionable Insights on Time Metrics

Our cloud-based time and attendance system allows organizations to track their employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs and effectively monitor their workforces in real-time.

Payroll & Budgeting Simplified

With Smart Workforce, tracking employees’ working hours and calculating payrolls becomes very easy. Get accurate results in just three simple steps:


The employee reaches the service area and clocks in/clocks out with the mobile app, a phone call, or SMS.


The manager approves clock-ins/ clock-outs and generates weekly or monthly reports with just a few clicks.


The manager exports the reports in desired spreadsheet formats and calculates accurate payrolls & expenses.

Improve Operational Efficiency While Reducing Labor Costs

Smart Workforce is a fully-automated workforce management solution that makes it easier to accurately track the time clock and improve operational efficiency without bearing additional labor costs.

Mobile workflows and notifications for managers and employees

User-friendly and easy-to-use interface

Simple, accurate, and integratable solution

Fabulous Features at an Amazing Price

Smart Workforce offers the following exclusive features at an unbeatable cost of just $2/user per month:

Remote Clock in/Clock Out

Allow your employees to clock in/clock out within the service area and calculate their working hours in real-time.

Time Tracking

Accurately track productive & unproductive hours to evaluate employees’ performance against pre-defined KPIs.

Instant Notifications

Built-in notifications to instantly alert both the managers and employees on any activity performed with the system.

GPS-based Attendance

Ensure your employees clock-in/ clock-out within the service area and get notified if they go outside the predefined radius.

On-demand Reporting

Streamline data management by generating reports for payroll calculations and analytics in desired spreadsheets formats.

Cross-Platform Functionality

A cross-platform software that works efficiently across multiple operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS.

Payroll Integration

Integrate Smart Workforce with different payroll solutions and import/export time and attendance data.

Ensure Flexibility & Accuracy with Smart Workforce

Our flexible and tailor-made time and attendance management system is built considering the modern organizational needs of businesses and offers a wealth of benefits such as:

Streamline Operations

Replace paper-based time & attendance processes with an automated solution like Smart Workforce to save your precious time, improve productivity, and streamline business operations.

Evaluate Performance

Improve performance evaluation based on real-time insights into employees’ productive and unproductive hours, GPS-based attendance, and other metrics that support strategic decision-making.

Reduce Expenses

Achieve bottom-line cost savings by minimizing payroll leakages and accurately tracking employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs, breaks & lunches, and overtime accruals.

Improve Productivity

Improve your organizational productivity and team efficiency by eliminating error-prone manual processes and applying gross payroll calculations on employee time captured.

Increase Retention Rates

Keep your employees happy and increase retention rates by bringing transparency into payroll calculations and implementing meaningful policies that improve their quality of life.

Stay Updated

Stay informed of all updates within your organization by getting instant notifications on all activities performed within our fully-automated time and attendance management system.

Want to improve your team efficiency and organizational productivity?

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