Ensure Your Lone Workers’ Safety with Automated
Control Room Management System 

Comply with your lone worker’s personal safety and security commitments and monitor large workforces remotely without stretching your budgets.

Automated Control Room Management

The Need for Automated Control Room Management  

The safety of lone workers is of paramount importance, particularly in the security industry. Employees working alone in high-risk environments are exposed to unexpected injuries, accidents, or violence. The only way businesses can monitor their lone workers is by maintaining seamless communication.

Control room management is essential for lone worker monitoring to ensure their safety. Before automation, managers and supervisors had to make welfare calls manually to their lone employees at predetermined intervals. However, today’s advanced automated control room management systems address these challenges by making a series of automated welfare calls to lone workers to ensure their safety and eliminate the possibility of human error. 

These high-tech lone worker safety solutions help employers: 

Monitor a large number of lone workers remotely.

Save their precious time and resources.

Take timely actions if an employee is in trouble.

Access lone workers’ location to ensure their safety.

Improve overall team performance and increase organizational productivity.

Automated Control Room Management

Smart Workforce: A Reliable Control Room Management Software

Smart Workforce is a fully-automated control room management system to monitor lone workers and ensure they are safe and secure. The system makes series of automated welfare calls to employees working in high-risk environments alone to confirm their availability, verify their onsite location, and send sign-in/sign-out reminders. Managers can meet the lone worker’s health and safety commitments with this cloud-based software. 

Automatic Logging

Automatic Logging

A fully automatic system that makes outbound calls to lone workers as well as receives inbound calls to ensure their safety.



Set welfare calls frequency and customized schedules as per your business requirements to adjust time intervals for welfare calls. 

 IVR & GPS enabled

IVR & GPS-enabled

An IVR-enabled system that makes automated phone calls to access lone workers’ GPS location and make sure they are safe.

How Does Automated Control Room Management Work?

Smart Workforce control room management helps managers ensure remote employees are safe and secure. Our fully-automated system is powered with an intelligent IVR system and GPS technology to verify lone workers’ location and confirm their shift availability through a series of welfare calls at predetermined intervals. 

Outbound Calls

Shift Confirmation

Shift Confirmation

The system makes a welfare call to the worker at predefined time before the shift starts for shift confirmation through the shift ID and alerts the admin if the welfare call is missed. 

Onsite Confirmation

Onsite Confirmation

Depending on the frequency set by the admin, the system makes a series of welfare calls at regular intervals to access the worker’s location. An alarm is triggered if the worker misses the welfare call. 

Clock in Confirmation

Sign In Confirmation

If the worker has not signed in on time after the shift has started, the system makes a welfare call to confirm the worker has reached the site and started working. 

Clock out Confirmation

Sign Out Confirmation

If the worker has not signed out at predefined time after the shift has ended, the system makes a welfare call to verify the worker has completed the shift and left the service area. 

Inbound Calls

Onsite Confirmation

Onsite Confirmation

The worker can make a series of welfare calls to the system at predetermined intervals to ensure he/she is present onsite and working safely. 

Check in Confirmation

Sign In Confirmation

The worker can make a call to the system through Smart Workforce mobile app or phone to verify he/she has signed in when the shift starts. 

Check out Confirmation

Sign Out Confirmation

The worker can make a call to the system through Smart Workforce mobile app or phone to verify he/she has signed out after the shift has ended. 

Automated Control Room Management

Take Care of Your Lone Workers with Smart Workforce

Smart Workforce is an all-inclusive workforce management solution that offers exclusive features like automated control room management at an unbeatable price of just £4/user per month. With Smart Workforce, you can effectively monitor your large workforce and ensure the safety of your lone workers efficiently and reliably. 

With Smart Workforce, organizations can enjoy the following benefits:

Reduce expenses required to manage large workforces

Confirm workers’ availability at predefined times before the shift starts

Verify lone workers identity through a shift ID

Increase control room efficiency by automating staff management process

Ensure workers’ safety to the fullest extent with an automated solution

Eliminate the possibility of human error and manual processing

Keep a record of welfare calls missed in the form of electronic timesheets;

Communicate with lone employees seamlessly with automation

Use Smart Workforce today for enhanced protection of your lone workers and operate safely in high-risk environments. Contact us for more information or try Smart Workforce for free.