Effectively Track and Manage Leave Requests to Empower Your Teams and Make Informed Decisions 

Our simple, intuitive, and cloud-based leave management system allows managers to track their employee leave requests and absences and ensure adherence to the company’s leave policy. 

leave Management
leave Management

Role of Leave Management System in Improving Workplace Efficiency 

A centralized leave management system helps employees submit their leave requests online. Managers can track all leave requests from a single dashboard thus saving their precious time and improving workforce productivity. 

Automated leave management system offers exclusive benefits, such as: 

Accurate Leave Management Workflows

Outstanding Employee Experiences

Accurate Leave Tracking

Compliance with Leave Policy

Better Team Performance

How Does SWF Leave Management System Work? 

Smart Workforce streamlines the leave management system by offering flexibility to employees and better control to managers over their staff’s leaves and absence records. 

Leave Request

The employee submits a leave request via mobile app by providing details like leave type, duration, and date(s) after checking the number of leaves available. 


The admin reviews application details like leave type, date(s), total days, service area(s), payment type, and reason(s) for the leave request. 


Once reviewed, the admin acknowledges the leave request that sends an instant notification to the employee. 

Powerful Features for Teams of All Sizes 

Employee Self-service

Empower your workforce by enabling employees to manage their time off quickly while helping managers save their time to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Instant Notifications

Stay informed by getting an instant notification whenever an employee submits a leave request and acknowledging the application after careful review. 

Leave Tracking

Track all types of leaves consumed by your employees for specific periods to stay organized and implement the terms and conditions of the leave policy. 

leave management

Streamline your leave management workflow to stay organized and competitive with Smart Workforce