Automated Screening of Security Personnel as per BS7858 Standard

Satisfy pre-employment checks of security personnel according to the BS7858 screening standard to ensure a high level of safeguarding within your organization.

What is BS7858 Screening & Vetting?

BS7858 screening is a rigorous staff vetting process that involves the background screening of security personnel responsible for the safety and security of people, goods, or property. Pre-employment screening to the BS7858 is essential for UK enterprises to enhance the security and recruitment process and meet the accreditation requirements. The BS7858 vetting procedure involves the following steps:  

ID Verification

5 Year Employment & Educational History Check

31-days Employment Gap Investigation

Right to Work Check

5 Year Address Verification

Basic DBS Criminality Check

Credit Check

Sanctions List Check

Features of Smart Workforce

Customer Support


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Customized Solution


Smart Workforce supports the

user- defined screening processes

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Screening Report


Clients can download a screening

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evidence of the BS7858 screening.

Fast Turnaround


The whole BS7858 staff screening

process is completed online with a

fast turnaround time of 15 days

Why Choose Smart Workforce?

Smart Workforce is an all-inclusive automated solution that makes the BS7858 screening process fast, simple, and cost-efficient. Instead of paying hundreds of pounds per candidate, you can get the BS7858 staff vetting and workforce management services for just $2/user per month.

Here’s how Smart Workforce simplifies the BS7858 screening process:

A fully automated solution that completes the BS7858 screening process online and saves precious time and resources

No need to pay extra charges for BS7858 screening, all features are already included in the premium plan (except free trial)

Supports multiple background checking and staff screening processes

Professional & customized correspondence for a timely and complete response

Allows managers to monitor the progress of the vetting process

A completely integrated system that eliminates the need for a third-party database

Offers flexibility and reduces dependence on inconvenient paper records with ready-to-access information

Interested in learning more about BS7858 screening? Contact our customer support representative for all your queries or try Smart Workforce for free!