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Smart Workforce enables businesses to achieve operational efficiency by organizing the entire workforce management operations in one place. We empower managers to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights to improve their team performance.

Our Story

How Things Got Started


Technology can do wonders, and our founders believed in themselves they can leverage workforce automation technology to transform the way businesses manage their teams. Hence, they performed comprehensive market research to identify the key issues faced by enterprises already using different workforce management solutions. Their findings suggested that employers have to purchase different software to access their desired staff management features. Hence, they have to pay more and their operational expenses keep on increasing with time.


The Ultimate Solution


To address these challenges, we gathered brilliant minds and used cutting-edge technologies to develop an all-inclusive cloud-based solution that would be more than just ordinary scheduling software. After years of research, consistency, and teamwork, we developed a fully automated workforce management solution with all features companies need to make their teams more productive and efficient. Smart Workforce is the only WFM software currently that offers exclusive features like automated control room management, BS7858 staff vetting, and patrolling management at a minimal price.

Smart Workforce Today


Over the years, Smart Workforce has evolved to become a productivity management suite with integrated functions. From screening applicants to automating control room management and tracking patrolling teams to creating smart schedules with a few clicks, our software empowers both managers and teams at every stage. The best part, we keep moving forward as things have only started. In the future, we plan to bring your more exciting features to help you scale rapidly and achieve higher team productivity.


Leverage Our Expertise to Succeed in Today’s Digital Landscape

At Smart Workforce, we have a team of highly talented, purpose-driven, and innovative people who love solving complex challenges. Our inclusive workplace culture fosters creativity and drives us to build an all-inclusive product. Besides, we are committed to helping businesses grow rapidly and achieve long-term sustainability by using our custom workforce management solution built for smart teams.

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