How to Meet Employee Attendance Requirements for SIA Approved Contractor Scheme

According to the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), security companies must follow effective policies to ensure the attendance of their security staff on the client site. SIA-approved contractors must have the required capabilities and resources to monitor service delivery in a consistent manner.

Besides, providers of keyholding services who attend customer sites in response to an incident should demonstrate that they can timely respond to emergencies. Customer sites include all venues of door supervision, collection points of the CVIT sector, and all parking areas.


Moreover, an SIA-approved contractor should:

Have clear policies to verify that their staff is present on the client site 

Ensure its lone workers’ safety by tracking their location

Maintain its staff’s onsite presence through attendance records 

Meet customers’ requirements 

Importance of Verifying Staff’s Onsite Presence

Security companies operate in diverse work environments and service areas. Most security guards perform their duties on client sites as door supervisors, manned security guards, CCTV & instant alarm responders, event security specialists, and much more. 

However, security supervisors can’t verify their staff’s presence by physically visiting the client site. They have to rely on phone calls only to make sure that security officers have reached the site and have started working. Moreover, if you have a huge team comprising several security guards performing their duties at different sites, you can’t call each member individually. 

So, how security companies can verify their staff’s onsite attendance and track their locations?

Smart Workforce, Fully-automated Solution for Better Staff Monitoring

Smart Workforce can address the aforementioned issues and enable security supervisors to better manage their onsite teams. The software offers patrolling management feature that allows security companies to track the location of their security officers and track their patrolling history.

With Smart Workforce, admins can ask their onsite security officers to scan the QR codes of respective checkpoints by using the Smart Workforce mobile app. This way, security supervisors can track their team’s patrolling history and check the checkpoints scanned and missed to further boost their security operations.

Moreover, the automated check call management feature makes a series of check calls at regular intervals to access the locations of onsite workers and ensure their safety.

See the below benefits of using Smart Workforce for onsite team monitoring;

Access the patrolling history of the security team operating on the client site

Ensure the presence of security officers on the client site

Get insights to evaluate the performance of remote teams in real-time

Access the cloud-based solution from the mobile app anytime, anywhere

Ensure the safety of lone workers and increase accountability

Automate security guards patrolling management to save your precious time

Make your onsite security teams more productive and efficient

Maintain a seamless flow of real-time information to achieve operational efficiency

Meet attendance requirements of SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)

Save your expenses by accessing exclusive WFM features at an unbeatable price.

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