Maintain Staff Records with Smart Workforce as per the SIA-ACS Guidelines

Effective management of staff records is an important requirement of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). It demands the SIA-approved contractor to maintain staff records securely and confidentially according to its size.
Besides, the SIA-approved contractor must adhere to the requirements of BS7858 regarding the maintenance and storage of recruitment records. The leadership of approved contractors should choose credible suppliers and avoid supply chains where VAT and/or other taxes go unpaid.

Given below are major types of staff records that should be maintained:

Staff personal details

Bank details

Vetting details

PAYE information

SIA licence number

Details of Licencing Dispensation Notices like date of issue, expiry date, etc.

Complete five to ten years employment history

Disciplinary and grievance information

Training records

Importance of Maintaining Staff Records

Maintaining staff records is necessary to ensure the GDPR compliance, reduce disputes, and meet employee’s health and safety requirements. Companies retaining their workers’ details remain on top of competency and effectively manage hours worked.
Most importantly, keeping records of existing and former personnel increases chances of becoming an SIA-approved contractor. Besides, the HMRC has identifies issues like unpaid taxes, misreporting, and fraud with the use of labour providers in the security industry. It is, therefore, obligatory for SIA-approved contractors to carry out regular checks and establish the legitimacy of their labour suppliers.

In addition, the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme demands businesses to:

Regularly check their staff licences

Use the SIA watchlists to verify licences

Save website screenshots for due diligence

Keep a record of licence checks

Avoid supply chains where VAT and/or other taxes go unpaid.

Maintain Staff Records with Smart Workforce

Smart Workforce is an all-in-one workforce management suite that allows businesses to maintain their staff records securely and confidentially. The software offers BS7858 staff vetting feature that completes the staff screening process online that includes:

ID Verification

5 Year Employment & Educational History Check

31-day Employment Gap Investigation

Right to Work Check

5 Year Address Verification

Basic DBS Criminality Check

Credit Check

Sanctions List Check

With Smart Workforce, companies can keep their team’s recruitment and career records and use that information in future. Employees’ personal data is stored in a highly secure database to ensure data privacy and confidentiality.
Similarly, Smart Workforce also sends alerts and notifications in advance whenever an employee’s licence number is about to expire. This way, staff members can renew their licences before the due date and avoid late fines.
Lastly, maintaining staff records with Smart Workforce helps companies meet one basic requirement of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme. As an SIA-approved contractor, you can stand out in the market, win your clients’ trust, and cement your long-term competitive edge over your rivals.

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