How to Measure Staff Performance Against KPIs with Smart Workforce

Staff performance plays a key role in corporate growth and development. It is obligatory for an SIA-approved contractor to regularly measure its staff performance against key staff performance indicators. This practice helps contractors identify areas that need further improvement and elevate their workforce standards.

According to the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), companies have to demonstrate various steps they have taken to measure, assess, ad improve their staff performance. It involves reviewing staff performance against predefined KPIs as well as collecting feedback from customers. Based on these two assessments, SIA-approved contractors should consolidate results into statistical figures and make data-driven decisions to optimize service delivery.

Some of the KPIs that must be included in staff performance assessment include:

Staff competency requirements

 Training and development levels

 Success rates of training and development

 Absenteeism and sickness levels

 Accuracy of personnel administration

 Check calls

 Staff turnover and retention

 Communication effectiveness


 Employment conditions

 Work environment

 Perks and benefits

 Equal opportunities

 Recognition and appraisals


 Staff involvement in decision-making

 Job security

 Health and safety conditions

How to Reach the Achievement Level Required by the SIA-ACS?

To meet the achievement level requirements set by the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), applicant organisations should:

Measure their staff performance in terms of competency requirements, service delivery, and training and development levels

 Identify major factors behind shortfalls in staff performance

Regularly assess the key aspects of staff activity such as their recruitment needs, staff turnover and retention, and appraisals

 Obtain and review feedback from staff and customers for continuous improvement

 Take appropriate actions to resolve the issues identified by staff members

 Follow action plans where staff performance falls below the target

 Compare staff performance with relevant organisations and competitors within or outside the UK security industry

 Promote learning and improvement through collaboration and teamwork

Smart Workforce, Ultimate Solution

Get away with all your challenges related to staff performance evaluation. Use Smart Workforce, the next-generation WFM software that can meet your entire workforce management needs.

Smart Workforce offers real-time staff monitoring and performance assessment. The software is powered by advanced productivity management tools that allow managers to review their staff performance against KPIs and meet the achievement level required by the SIA-ACS.

With Smart Workforce, managers can:

 Verify staff identity through a GPS-enabled ID verification system

 Ensure lone workers’ safety through automated check calls

 Make sure the staff members have reached the client site on time

 Log employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs for informed decision-making

 Communicate with staff members to assess their training and development needs

 Closely monitor staff retention and turnover rates

 Calculate staff pay rates and work hours in real-time

 Provide equal growth opportunities to all staff members without any discrimination

 Visualize client coverage to achieve higher satisfaction levels

 Save staff employment records, licencing details, timesheets, and similar data for future

 Get real-time insights on shifts currently open, closed, or scheduled for performance optimization

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