Meeting BS7858 Screening Requirements of SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)

Effective people management is an important criterion of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). An SIA-approved contractor must develop and execute strategic plans regarding the training, development, and administration of its staff. Besides, the organization must comply with licencing requirements, legislation, and screening procedures.

For this purpose, the SIA-approved security contractor must:

Follow an effective recruitment policy meeting stringent requirements of BS7858 screening standard

Store and maintain staff records regarding SIA reference number, licence expiry, and date of issue, details of any licence appeals, SIA acknowledgment letter, and work permits & visas.

Issue employment contractors to all staff members within 8 weeks of their job to communicate terms and conditions of employment

Implement and communicate disciplinary and grievance procedure

Implement and communicate policy regarding transfer of undertakings

Define roles and responsibilities for all staff members

Implement and communicate the policy related to equality and diversity

Implement a procedure to get staff feedback

What is BS7858 Staff Screening?

BS7858 staff screening involves comprehensive vetting of security officers to ensure maximum protection and comply with SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) requirements. The process involves:

ID Verification

5 Year Employment & Educational History Check

31-day Employment Gap Investigation

Right to Work Check

5 Year Address Verification

Basic DBS Criminality Check

Credit Check

Sanctions List Check

Smart Workforce, the Ultimate Solution

Smart Workforce offers an exclusive BS7858 screening feature, which helps security companies meet the staff screening requirements of ACS and become an SIA-approved contractor. Our fully automated cloud-based solution completes the BS7858 staff vetting process online and allows firms to download the screening report within 15 days.

With Smart Workforce, security companies can meet the BS7858 screening requirements of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) and become SIA-approved contractors.

Key features of the Smart Workforce BS7858 screening feature include:

Supports multiple background checks and staff screening processes

Saves precious time by completing the BS7858 screening process online

Allows security firms to track the vetting progress in real-time

Offers professional & customized correspondence related to references or employment history confirmation

Reduces dependence on manual procedures and inconvenient paper records

Ready-to-access information for quick processing and fast turnaround