SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) and Its Benefits

What is SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)?

The SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is an internationally-recognised quality assurance scheme to maintain quality standards in UK’s private security industry. It ensures that the ACS accredited security agencies meet independently assessed quality standards and deliver value to all stakeholders.

Besides, the ACS accreditation mark differentiates between private security companies accurately and objectively. SIA ACS is non-prescriptive and helps approved agencies promote best practice by creating a framework and raising performance standards. Since its launch in 2006, several private security agencies in the UK have been accredited under this scheme.

The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Assessment Criteria

1. Strategy

An SIA approved security company should:

 Have a coherent business plan

Actively manage the social and environmental impacts of its security services

 Define mechanism to improve the standard of service delivery

Evaluate performance against KPIs

 Effectively handle internal and external communications

2. Service Delivery

An SIA approved security company should:

Follow effective service delivery processes

 Regularly monitor internal structure for continuous improvement

 Ensure continuity of service delivery consistently

Evaluate performance against key customer and consumer indicators

 Identify and respond to customers’ needs

3. Commercial Relationship Management

An SIA approved security company should:

 Implement responsible trading practices while procuring goods and services

 Offer professional customer services

 Manage customer relationships professional

 Evaluate and improve clients’ perceptions regarding its people, services, and organization

4. Financial Management

An SIA approved security company should:

Use robust practices and techniques to mitigate financial risks

 Have sufficient resources to meet its financial obligations

 Evaluate performance against key financial indicators

 Better understand the marketplace

 Follow flexible financial strategies to overcome potential challenges

5. Resource Management

An SIA approved security company should:

Have appropriate premises, facilities, equipment, and procedures to effectively manage business operations

 Use advanced management information systems for instant communication

Ensure effective utilization and management of available resources

6. People

An SIA approved security company should:

 Hire qualified and competent resources

 Follow professional workforce management practices

 Support its workforce whenever required

 Meet legal obligations in recruitment

 Evaluate and improve employees’ performance

7. Leadership

An SIA approved security company should:

Have comprehensive knowledge and competencies to lead a security agency

Execute a well-planned system to recognize and reward excellence

Maintain an ethical business culture and work environment

Continuously improve the effectiveness of its leadership

Evaluate and enhance organizational performance

Benefits of an SIA Approved Security Company

An SIA Approved Contractor delivers premium quality security services in multiple domains. Security agencies accredited under this scheme are committed to impeccable customer service and meet a recognised level of performance.

Some of the benefits to becoming an SIA Approved Contractor include:

Authority to use ACS Accreditation Mark

Inclusion in the register of SIA Approved Contractors

Access to future tender opportunities linked to ACS

 Competitive edge over competitors

Customers’ trust and loyalty

High growth opportunities

Enhanced organizational reputation

Customer-centric customer service

 Adoption of best work practices.

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