Smart Workforce Mobile App, An Optimum Solution to Ensure Onsite Staff Presence

Monitoring the service delivery is essential for continuous improvement and client satisfaction. It is one of the key requirements of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) that asks an SIA-approved contractor to closely monitor its service delivery in a consistent manner.

Hence, security companies with security officers deployed in remote locations must ensure that their staff members have reached the client site on time.

For this purpose, an SIA-approved contractor must:

Manage staff attendance records at the client site

Define clear policies to ensure their lone workers check-in regularly

Ask onsite staff to register their arrival at and departure from the client site

Review staff attendance records on a routine basis

Follow effective procedures to deal with non-attendance at client sites

Make sure their staff members adhere to these procedures

How to Ensure Staff Presence on Client Site?

How to Ensure Staff Presence on Client Site? aThe SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) recommends the use of modern technology to track the whereabouts of staff and ensure their safety. SIA-approved contractors can meet these criteria by:

Using fully automated control room management and booking systems

Using GPS to track vehicles

Keeping visitors’ logs at client sites and regularly monitoring the attendance targets at client sites

Making sure loner workers check in regularly without delays

Remotely monitor the patrolling history of onsite staff in real-time

How Smart Workforce Can Help SIA-Approved Contractors?

Smart Workforce is a comprehensive solution that can help SIA-approved contractors ensure their staff’s presence on client sites and track their location history. Our fully automated cloud-based solution has combined exclusive features like control room management , patrolling management, and employee scheduling in one place.

Besides, the Smart Workforce mobile app keeps lone workers in touch with the central control room and allows their supervisors to ensure their staff’s safety and security.

With the Smart Workforce mobile app, staff members can:

Sigin/Signout: Sigin or Signout of the assigned shift after confirming their physical presence within the predefined radius.

Identify Verification: Verify their identity by capturing a live photo and uploading it to the system through the Smart Workforce mobile app after regular intervals

Patrolling Management: Scan QR codes of respective checkpoints at different locations to send real-time information about their patrolling history and scan timings

 Control Room Management : Ensure their safety by responding to the check calls made by an IVR-enabled check calls management system after regular intervals

Advanced Scheduling: Create their advanced work schedules and show their availability for the coming weeks or months.

Shift Management: Manage their shifts, check assigned shift details, and send shift requests to the admin as per their availability

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