Swift Solution for Prompt Action: Incident Management with Smart Workforce 

Workplace incidents are common in the security industry. Security guards not only mitigate those incidents but also report them to prevent recurrence in the future. Besides, the safety of security staff can also be compromised unless an effective incident reporting mechanism is implemented. 

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) gives significant importance to incident reporting. Security companies must streamline their incident reporting and management process to become SIA-approved contractors. 

The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) has two standards regarding how businesses manage incidents that occur internally or at the client site. 

Standard 2.2.1 of the ACS Workbook states that security companies should have an effective service delivery plan. It monitors the manner in which organizations manage workplace incidents and crises. More specifically, it addresses the internal procedures instead of incidents at the client site.

Standard 2.4.3 examines companies’ steps to handle, collate, and analyze incidents outside a customer contract. There must be proactive incident procedures developed with the collaboration of clients. Besides, security officers should be trained enough to effectively manage incidents, particularly in keyholding and door supervision sectors. SIA-approved contractors should follow incident procedures and encourage their staff to report all events that may impact on the business’s reputation or interrupt operations. 

Good Practices to Report and Manage Incidents 

Below are a few guidelines given by the SIA to help approved contractors report and manage workplace incidents and comply with the ACS regulations: 

Review incident procedures and techniques after each event 

Categorize incident procedures based on their potential impact or risk 

Perform an in-depth analysis of incident reports to identify trends, hot spots, vulnerabilities, etc. 

Consistently test incident procedures to measure their effectiveness 

Maintain incident logs for future use 

Understand the contingency plans of your customer and analyze their compatibility with ACS regulations. 

Test and review incident contingency plans regularly to ensure compliance with the business continuity best practice system. 

Streamline Incident Management with Smart Workforce 

Mitigation starts with an incident report. Whenever an unusual activity occurs at the client site, the on-duty security officer must report that incident to the manager. And the best way to report and manage incidents is to use cloud-based software like Smart Workforce. 

Smart Workforce incident management feature helps security companies streamline the incident management workflow. It allows supervisors to analyze each incident closely and take prompt action. Key benefits of incident management with Smart Workforce are: 

A user-friendly mobile app empowering staff to report incidents anytime, anywhere 

The interactive interface makes incident reporting very easy 

Allows security officers to include complete details about the incident, such as the time and date, type, people involved, etc. 

The on-duty officers can also include details or witnesses and police reports (if applicable) 

Relevant documents, including images and videos, can also be uploaded with the mobile app. 

Managers can review the details of every incident reported and take action accordingly. 

Companies can maintain the complete incident log as per the ACS regulations.  

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