The private security industry in the UK has been going through a rapid phase of transitions over the years. The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic identified the need to look for sustainable ways security agencies can work to enhance their efficiency. Hence, they started focusing on strategies to improve the workplace performance of their security teams to make them more productive and vigilant.

However, these efforts won’t work unless a targeted and well-defined strategy has been put in place. Security companies need to empower their patrolling teams and take care of their workforce management needs to get their desired results.

We have identified 5 key areas that can help security teams become more efficient.

1. Track Real-time Performance with Staff Management System

Modern workforces are 60% more diverse than before. Security teams working in multiple domains have unique workforce management needs that should be met for better performance. Traditional workforce management practices are outdated and don’t deliver the desired results. To succeed in today’s face-paced era, security companies need to leverage digital resources and cutting-edge technologies.

For this purpose, cloud-based staff management systems should be used to monitor the team of security officers and take care of their workforce management needs. Supervisors can track all activities within their organization and access useful insights for informed decision-making. An automated WFM software also speeds up all processes and centralizes organizational operations into a single dashboard. By keeping both employees and managers updated, workforce management software improves workplace efficiency and increases overall productivity.

2. Time Management with Online Employee Management System

Time management is crucial to effectively handle security emergencies and mitigate potential security threats. Even a delay of one minute can be disastrous for security teams and the client. However, only 18% of employers have a proper time management system while 82% of companies rely on a manual list or email box to manage their pending tasks.

Research shows that saving just one hour per week by implementing good time management strategies increases team productivity by 2.5%. Hence, by effectively managing their time, security teams can become more productive and exceed their clients’ expectations.

When it comes to security guards, the best way to do their to-do list every day is by incorporating scheduling software. These cloud-based staff attendance management systems provide them with customizable deadlines, advanced scheduling, and automated time and attendance features. Security agencies can use these solutions to manage shifts in advance and record clock-ins and clock-outs to calculate the exact number of hours worked every week or month.

3. Staff Recruitment

Deploying the right person for the right job with the required skill set is important to overcome security challenges. The skills and expertise of security officers play a key role in improving the quality of security services. Security agencies can increase their team productivity by ensuring skill set diversity and hiring talented and qualified resources.

The UK security industry follows strict protocols regarding the recruitment of security guards. All private security companies must hire SIA-licensed security guards as per the BS7858 staff vetting standards.

The BS7858 staff vetting is a time-consuming process that requires sufficient time and resources. However, automated BS7858 screening software has made this process quicker, more efficiency, and result-oriented. Security agencies can now hire competent and SIA-licensed security officers meeting the BS7858 standard in less than a month.

4. Team Communication

Communicating with an in-house team is easy, you can conduct meetings and arrange physical sessions for regular face-to-face interactions. But, how to communicate with remote security teams patrolling in high-risk areas? Are there any means to ensure the safety of lone patrolling teams?

Maintaining seamless communication with patrolling security teams is essential to evaluate their performance and make sure they are safe and secure. Regular interaction with security guards also keeps them motivated and allows supervisors to actively respond to security emergencies.

The best way to communicate with patrolling security teams is by using automated check calls management software. Empowered by an IVR and GPS-enabled system, these solutions make automated check calls to lone security guards at regular intervals to ensure their safety. Similarly, their patrolling management feature asks security guards to scan the QR codes of respective checkpoints that help supervisors to track their location and patrolling history.

5. Flexibility

Whether your security teams are working in the field or managing a control room, flexibility is essential for job satisfaction. And when we talk about flexibility, it refers to making quick adjustments to varying circumstances and finding out different ways to complete the assigned task.

In the security industry, giving your security teams the freedom to choose personalized schedules allows them to maintain a healthy work-life balance and work. With automated staff attendance management system, security officers can manage their shifts in advance for the upcoming weeks or months. They can also send shift requests to the admin and show their availability for a particular job. Employers know how much they have to pay while employees are aware of their expected salaries. This flexibility keeps security officers satisfied and encourages them to work dedicatedly to deliver value.


Amid rapidly changing workplace practices, employers are gradually shifting towards digitalization to meet the ever-evolving needs of their diverse workforces. Modern businesses are striving to improve their organizational efficiency and make their teams more productive.

Hence, leading companies in the UK security industry are automating their workforce management operations by using cloud-based WFM solutions. These next-generation staff management systems are empowered by advanced features making it easier for supervisors to monitor the performances of patrolling guards and ensure their safety and security. Similarly, security agencies can better manage the diverse needs of their security staff, track their patrolling history, record accurate work hours, and automate scheduling and attendance with online staff attendance systems.

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