Ever wondered how the security manager of a big warehouse maintains the safety of workers and the integrity of the premises? The task is multifaceted; controlling various aspects, monitoring back-of-house areas, and watching expansive grounds. You are brain-stuck, right? 

No worries, we’ve got a solution. “Security guard patrol system”. 

From clubs to corporate offices, hospitals, and warehouses, guard patrol systems hold special importance in maintaining a peaceful environment. But what exactly is a Guard Patrol System, and how does it transform security management?  

Let’s explore the ins and outs of this mind-blowing technology. 

Understanding Guard Tour Patrol System 

A Guard Patrol System is a comprehensive solution that helps enhance the security of a specific area. The system offers real-time monitoring and tracking of security guards while they conduct patrols over the premises. 

Thus, a guard tour system is an integrated network of wireless sensors attached to a centralized dashboard that supervisors use to manage and record their guards’ patrols. Having an effective real-time security guard patrol system improves the speed, efficiency, and output of your security patrols. Also, the solution helps reduce human errors that might otherwise adversely affect your operations. 

Why Use A Guard Patrol System? 

Want to know the importance of the solution? It is a system rich and inclusive in features that help streamline patrolling functions. It offers several benefits. For example, supervisors can manage their on-duty security guards, analyze their performance, and track their patrolling history from a single dashboard. 

Features of the Software 

Mentioned below are some features of the guard patrol software: 

1. Efficient Onboarding 

No need for long paperwork. The onboarding process with the software becomes so easy that guards just have to fill in a few details and the cloud technology is right at their disposal. 

2. Scanning through QR Code 

The software makes the tracking of guards so convenient and real-time. The security personnel have to just scan the QR codes of respective checkpoints. The complete information along with time and location gets automatically shared with the supervisor. 

3. Patrolling History 

Sometimes it happens that guards miss security checkpoints due to one reason or the other. The guard patrol system offers detailed insights into security checkpoints scanned and missed. Thus, analyzing all patrolling details to boost future security operations. 

4. Easy Access 

In the modern world, easy accessibility is a must for any gadget. The software has the authentication to log in from any mobile device anywhere in the world. The system verifies your identity and gives access to the user-defined features via the mobile app. 

5. Security Guards Management 

The monitoring and tracking of security guards is the major objective of the guard tour patrol system. The solution comes with the next-generation feature of consistently monitoring guards. This helps supervisors evaluate security personnel’s onsite performance. 

6. Real-time Dashboard 

Outdated data is of no use. While running a patrol, it is essential to keep proper data that is accurate and real-time. The admin panel maintains and manages all such patrolling operations to avoid hurdles in the future. 

7. Activated Checkpoints 

Every checkpoint has its unique QR code ID. This ID helps activate each checkpoint to monitor security guards’ exact location and patrol timings. 

Improved Efficiency & Performance  

Now, you can track the live location of patrol security guards and satisfy clients’ requirements with a guard tour patrol system. This comprehensive solution enables managers to create patrol routes and attach QR Codes at designated locations.  

Moreover, security personnel can use the mobile app to scan these QR Codes and share their live location. As far as management is concerned, patrolling reports are generated for each security officer, and the relevant data is used to make data-driven decisions.

Enhanced Productivity 

Smart Workforce offers a comprehensive security guard patrol tracking system to manage patrolling teams remotely. It has a variety of advanced features to meet the ever-evolving requirements of your client. They can deploy patrol security guards at various locations and get access to their live location for current performance evaluation.  

Here are some unique selling points that make our solution superior and reliable:  

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Affordability 
  • Scalability as per your future patrolling needs 
  • Cross-platform accessibility through multiple devices & operating systems 
  • Enhanced visibility across multiple checkpoints and locations 
  • Automated performance evaluation for higher productivity 

What to Look For in the Solution?  

Although managing your security guards is quite challenging but not impossible. Once you start considering investing in guard patrol software, you’ll come across numerous options. Organizations of all sizes adopt cloud technology to make their patrols easier and more effective.  

Discussed here are some qualities that set Smart Workforce apart from the other available solutions in the market. 

1. Usability 

What if your security officers find it difficult to operate the purchased software? There would be no way back at least for a short period. So, invest in a solution that has easy usability, i.e., it can be easily used by every guard in your team. Because if any of them find it hard to operate, they would start avoiding it. 

Hence, go for a system that better fits into the workflows. This makes more sense of your guards’ existing patrol patterns, delivering high productivity. 

2. Customer Support  

Study a variety of questions related to customer support services offered by your software-providing company. Any solution purchased comes with its terms and conditions regarding maintenance, support, and updates.  

So, be watchful while evaluating the design and support options offered by each provider you’re considering.  

3. Tracking Capability  

Coming next is the tracking capability of the software. As busy worksites require real-time and powerful tracking capabilities, you must have an idea of how the system will work in your connected facility.  

Will you receive real-time results on guard locations? Is each system’s wireless standard compatible with your facility’s security requirements? Will the signals work in your environment without interference? 

4. Real-time Reporting & Alerts  

The guard tour patrol system is all about collecting new and actionable data. Every tag signout, checkpoint reached, and real-time location logged feeds into the central management system. Thus, enabling you to collect a massive volume of new data.  

Final Thoughts 

Guard patrols are one of the most effective risk management practices businesses can utilize. They play an active role in your security strategy.  

Ideally, your business’s security should have an integrated design with corresponding CCTV surveillance, key control, access control stations, patrol routes, and tools for managing everything efficiently. The sum is a comprehensive automated software like Smart Workforce- an all-in-all solution for your security needs.